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Excellent Customer Service
We worked with a representative from the Harrisburg office. He arrived on time and was knowledgeable about the solar process from start to finish. He has stayed in contact with us through the install process and has checked in with us to see how the install has been going. He drove to our house on a Sunday to see the install of the solar panels. We had to have a new main breaker box installed and they included that in the install.
– B. Prentiss – Harrisburg, PA
Very Responsive Customer Service Representative
We are almost done with our solar install and if I have had any questions our representative will get right back to me or even stop in and talk to me in person. He is very responsive. They completed the install in 2 days and kept all wires tidy and in conduit. The county assessor did his part we are only waiting for people to come to switch our meter so we can be using solar power.
– Jason F. – Harrisburg, PA
Very Easy Application Process
I just went solar, I’m working with a representative from the Harrisburg office. I scheduled a site visit and he arrived on time, he explained everything in detail answered all my questions, and made the first steps and application super easy. I’m receiving updates as they happen and I’m looking forward to going solar.
– David D. – Harrisburg, PA
Professional and Polite Installation
I worked with a representative who came when he said he would, explained precisely what I could expect when it would happen, and how much it would cost. The men who came to install were professional, polite, and very hard working. The only drawback to anything is the power company, which has been fooling me around waiting for a transformer upgrade and a new meter. I have been wanting to go solar for some years now and this company has made it possible.
– Wes H. – Harrisburg, PA
Everything Was Exceptional
Everything from signing up to the completion of the project was exceptional. staff answered all questions and explained all parts of the process whenever asked.
– Dale K. – Harrisburg, PA