Are Solar Panels Equipped For Northeastern Winters?

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If you live in the Northeast, you’re familiar with long and often brutal winters. Snow, sleet, hail and ice can be commonly seen at any point from Halloween to Easter, depending on the year and your luck! 

Damage to your home can be an unfortunate side effect of this tumultuous weather, and for solar customers, it can be daunting to think your home’s power source could be damaged or compromised by the effects of a winter storm. However, your panels are built for the outdoors and they are designed to make it through winter weather. To learn more about how your solar panels are equipped to handle winter, read the details below.

Are Solar Panels Waterproof?

Because they are built to live on your roof, solar panels are built to be waterproof. Since they will most likely be exposed to the elements for several decades, they are designed to be resistant to water damage. This includes a thin glass sheet on the front and a protective sheet on the back to encase the internal wiring that produces electricity for your home. 

Water damage to solar panels is typically caused by some defect in their construction that allows water to leak in where it shouldn’t. That’s why Pink Energy uses only top-tier, American-made solar panels made to withstand the elements and fulfill their expected performance.

Are Solar Panels Weatherproof?

Beyond being waterproof, solar panels are designed to withstand the weather as well. In most cases, they handle the weight of snow, and in more extreme cases such as hurricanes or hail, they are built to be as durable as possible. As long as they are properly installed, heavy winds shouldn’t cause damage to panels, and the glass panels installed for waterproofing are designed to be tough enough to withstand impact. Although there are extreme weather conditions that could damage your panels, these precautions are designed to minimize situations where that might happen.

Go Solar In All Weather With Pink Energy

Your solar panel system is only as strong as your panels themselves. That’s why Pink Energy only uses solar panels that will provide our customers with reliable power over the course of their lifetime. You can enjoy the benefits of a solar panel system in Harrisburg without worrying about potential winter damage! Contact us today to learn more about how a solar panel system could work for your home.