How To Keep Snow Off Your Harrisburg Solar Panels

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Solar energy is a year-round option for qualifying homeowners, and contrary to the common misconception that solar panels work better in the summer heat, energy production is actually more effective on sunny days that aren’t as warm. That’s why members of Harrisburg can enjoy the benefits of solar energy even throughout the winter months when temperatures remain stubbornly low.

However, snow can prevent maximum solar energy output. This weather is a natural part of the Northeast winter, but for many solar customers,  snow  is a concern. There is a  fear that it  will diminish their capability to generate electricity. Since Harrisburg winters aren’t going anywhere, here’s what you should know about snow and your solar panels.

Do You Need To Clean Snow Off Your Solar Panels?

The short answer is no. Most industry experts agree that it is typically not a good idea to remove snow from your solar panels. Even with a tool like a roof rake, you could easily damage the panels which could  void your warranty. Even worse, you could get injured trying to slide snow and ice off your roof. 

The good news is, it’s almost never necessary to clean snow off of your solar panels. Even with heavy snowfalls, snow on solar panels typically melts quite quickly. It’s worth waiting for the sun to do its work rather than trying to fix the issue yourself.

What Does Snow Mean For My Solar System Efficiency?

Because your solar system may be covered from the sun for a few hours, your solar energy production could be compromised. But it’s rare that your panels will be compromised for long, because as soon as the snow melts, they will go right back to operating at peak efficiency. 

Potentially damaging your solar panels or hurting yourself for a few additional kilowatt-hours of energy is not worth the risk. Instead, you can do exactly what your solar panel system is designed for: rely on the sun to fix the problem!

Go Solar This Winter With Pink Energy

Enjoy the benefits of solar all year long with American-made, high-efficiency solar panels designed to weather the winter and keep your home running even through snowstorms. If you’re wondering how well your Harrisburg home is suited for solar energy, contact our team! We’d love to walk you through the winter benefits of solar panels.