Net Metering In Pennsylvania

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Homeowners, business owners and utility companies alike know the value of solar power in Pennsylvania. With enough solar panels installed statewide to provide power to more than 96,000 homes and potential financial assistance for going solar through the Solar Energy Program (SEP), the Keystone State has joined the solar movement in a big way. To help homeowners and business owners maximize their potential solar savings, Pennsylvania offers net metering as an additional perk for solar customers. 

Through net metering, homeowners can earn credit on their monthly electric bill by sending excess solar electricity produced by their panels back to the grid. This process can extend potential savings through solar and potentially reduce grid dependency. 

Potential Benefits of Going Solar in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania offers both state and local incentives to support the transition to solar energy, including loans for solar research and development, streamlined installation permitting and lower permit fees. This means Pennsylvania homeowners and business owners can avoid the potential stress of a slow or expensive permitting process and start reducing their carbon footprint more quickly. 

Once their solar panel systems are installed, Pennsylvanians can benefit from net metering that values excess solar energy at the retail rate. This means that homeowners can potentially receive substantial credit on future electric bills by selling unused solar energy to their utility company. As the cost of solar energy in Pennsylvania is approximately the 15th most expensive in the country, homeowners stand to see potentially significant returns on their solar investment if they routinely generate more solar energy than their home uses.

It’s worth noting that Pennsylvania utility companies have to meet statutorily required minimum standards for consuming renewable energy and can purchase this energy from homeowners and business owners with solar installations. If you’re considering a solar addition to your home in Pennsylvania, the potential to earn back some of your solar installation investment is a benefit worth exploring.  

Join the Solar Movement with Pink Energy

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