Solar Performance In Harrisburg

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Solar energy is one of the most versatile clean energy solutions for homeowners across the country, regardless of climate or weather conditions. But in Harrisburg, it’s common for people to think that solar isn’t a viable option due to the cloudy weather that Pennsylvania can experience. Fortunately, that is not the case!

In spite of the fact that western Pennsylvania isn’t known for being particularly bright and sunny, sunshine is not a problem in Harrisburg! And guess what? Whether you live in Harrisburg or Pittsburgh, there is enough sunshine for solar to be viable! To learn more about how you can capitalize on the solar movement in the Harrisburg area, read the points below.

Solar Still Works On Cloudy Days

First things first: solar panel systems actually work on cloudy days! As long as the sun is out, your system will be producing energy, even if it’s not producing the amount it would without a cloud in the sky. So even though Harrisburg isn’t America’s sunshine capital, there is still plenty of sunlight available for a solar panel system to work well.

Rising Electricity Rates in Pennsylvania

Although a Harrisburg solar system might produce less electricity than an identical solar system located in Arizona, that does not mean the Harrisburg system is a worse investment. In fact, as electricity costs rise in Pennsylvania as a whole, a solar panel system could be a much better investment in Harrisburg than it might be elsewhere. 

The potential electric bill savings are higher in Pennsylvania than in many other places because of rising electricity costs. So in actuality, a solar panel system producing less energy than a Florida solar system, for instance, might actually save homeowners more money on electricity bills than the Florida-based system.

Solar Panels Are Becoming More Affordable

As solar energy becomes more common, the demand for renewable, clean energy is rising and technology is advancing. This means that manufacturing the equipment needed for solar panels is much more affordable than it was years ago. That means potential lower costs for panels.

In practical terms, this also means your Harrisburg solar system can be larger. You can install more solar panels at a better price, and the additional panels can increase energy production for your home.

Go Solar In Harrisburg With Pink Energy

A solar panel system in Harrisburg can be a fantastic investment if it’s done right! With the solar experts from Pink Energy, you can rest assured that your system will be optimized for maximum efficiency and will stand up to the Harrisburg weather. To learn more about how solar can work for you, contact our team here today for a consultation!