Enhance your Harrisburg solar panel system with our Energy Efficiency Package.
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The SMARTPWR360°™ Energy Efficiency Package

Our exclusive SMARTPWR360°™ residential solar package features energy-saving products that can potentially boost your energy savings by up to 25%.4 

To help your solar energy go further, Pink Energy offers a full suite of energy efficiency products that are designed to reduce your Harrisburg home’s electricity needs and increase your potential savings with solar.

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SMARTPWR360°™ Solution Benefits

Placing energy efficiency products throughout your home means that you can reduce your home’s energy consumption and make your solar energy go further. These are the four major benefits of implementing our SMARTPWR360oTM solutions:

  1. Potentially Reduce Your Electric Bills Further– Our SMARTPWR360º™ Package can potentially offset your electric costs by up to 25%.4
  2. Potentially Increase Your Harrisburg Property Value– Your home could potentially have increased resale value due to these energy-efficient upgrades.
  3. Maximize Your Potential Return On Investment– When you reduce your energy usage, you can make your solar energy go further and potentially increase the overall financial return of your solar system.
  4. Potentially Reduce The Upfront Cost Of A Solar Panel Installation– If your home consumes less energy, you will need fewer solar panels, which can reduce the cost of your solar system.

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SMARTPWR360°™ In The Pink Energy Value Pack

The SMARTPWR360oTM energy efficiency package adds more to our solar panels and Pink Energy battery backup in the Pink Energy Value Pack! By potentially reducing your home’s current energy consumption, your solar energy can go further and the excess power produced by your solar panels can be stored in your Pink Energy battery backup to be used at night or during outages.

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